tahiti 80

It’s hard to tell why tahiti 80 are so intriguing. Is it the fact that they make the sweetest, happiest pop music? The fact that the name alone makes you immediately feel like it’s warm and sunny even in the dead of winter? The fact that they’re cute and French? Their debut album Puzzle saved me from depression last winter, and the new Wallpaper for the Soul is set to be the feel-good album to help me through the snowy season this year. I had the good fortune to see them live at Flex in Vienna this past December. Listening to tahiti 80 brings to mind a number of associations: there are the droning synths that sound like Stereolab, the horns sections that make you think the next song is going to be a Spandau Ballet cover, the rockin’ guitars that remind me of Urge Overkill, and the very danceable 4-4’s that brought me back to DAF circa Alles wird gut. They’re part synth-pop, part disco, part funk with a good dose of dirty guitars. And when they turned on the disco ball for “1,000 Times,” I just couldn’t stop grinning. Did I mention that they’re cute and French? —RZ