[Friend's Band] (h2so4 11)
live at [Shitty Bar]

The fact is, [Friend's Band] aren't all that good. But when I watch them something funny happens. It dawns on me that [Friend] is really a friend. Despite the fact that we don't really understand each other that well anymore; that our lives, which crossed by a sort of accident, have continued to veer away from each other for years now it's not just that we've loved the same women and barfed in the same bucket, but, if I were drowning, [Friend] would tear off his jacket and jump in the maelstrom to save me, and I him, and somehow, while I watch him sweating away up there with [Friend's Band], I know this, I can hear it in the notes he plays and I'm not trying to prove any big theoretical point like about how popular music is woven into the fabric of our lives now (if a blood stain can be said to be "woven into" underwear), or that all bands don't "suck live" (though of course they don't); this is something real, something I can't explain, a thing you either understand or you don't.

DJ Theo 69X