Presidential Election, 2000

a psychic surgery

The last election is a great one, because it demonstrates that the future of humanity will always & forever be determined by the selfishness of 49% of us and the cowardice of 49% of us.

Told, "you have nothing to lose but your chains," slightly less than half will cry, "No! don't take our chains!" and slightly less than half will cry, "No! Keep them in chains!"

And that is the problem with all revolutionary or utopian systems.

Marxism can never gain hegemony and still be Marxism. The Greens can never run the country and still be Greens.

But, not all places and times are equally intolerable, or even equally unjust. And this is why it is still worthwhile A) to speak one's mind & try to influence public opinion and B) not to fuck people over.

No degree of cynicism regarding human affairs is ever an excuse to cede on these two fronts, because then one would oneself fall victim to selfishness & cowardice, and, most heinously, laziness.

In Memorium Ted Adorno.

—Beard Buster