DJs I love:
DJ Z-Trip, Kid Koala, and Carl Craig

OK. In another review I kind of dissed DJs. So now I have to say something good about DJs. I love DJs, really. For instance, I love DJ Z-Trip, whom I saw about a year ago at the Night Gallery in Calgary. It was the first set he played after 9/11, and he was clearly apprehensive about how it was going to go. But he masterfully made everyone feel good, made us laugh when he played Phil Collins, made us cry when he, like a DJ at a high school ball, told us at the end to seek out that boy or girl we’d been eyeing all evening and dance with them. I also love Kid Koala, who played at the same location this past September. To start out, he gave the audience a speech about the importance of going to college (“Give it up for higher education!”). Then two hours of mixing fun, including weird samples from 50s B-movies, and samples ranging from “Moon River” (which drew applause) to Peaches. And those who stuck around after the tahiti 80 show at Flex were treated to an evening of Detroit techno like only Carl Craig can deliver. But: he wasn’t billed as the headliner. You see? —RZ