Bop*It (h2so4 12)

This would be the perfect toy for a totalitarian state. It is a piece of plastic with attachments to be hit, pulled or twisted, on the beat, at an increasing pace. Its demands to perform these actions occur randomly, by which I mean they are not predictable. And its commands must be followed without questioning if you are to "win" the game. The only reward is your success, and, I am told, if you complete 99 moves without failing, the toy plays a little electronic song for you.

The game is pleasurable and addictive. I used to play it every night before bed. It has been sold out of all toy stores for months now. It seems children and adults alike enjoy doing what they're told without thinking.

Pehaps this explains the continuing draw we feel, or the fear we feel that there is a draw, be it aesthetic, political or social, toward totalitarian ideology.

Parsnip Bisque

[at press time we heard news of the release of the new Bop*It Extreme, featuring 5 commands instead of 3...]