Ellen Allien
[Bpitch Control]

A warm & fat-bottomed & cute & sexy wash of fucked-up sound from the Bpitch Control magnate. Made in the European Union. She starts with a cheerfully disorienting robot disco fundament and keeps screwing around with it until we’ve blown clear out into glitchlandia, transitioning from DJ Godfather all the way to Cex, and on the way performing the minor miracle of actually making Squarepusher sound good (Hi Richard!). The inside cover has a picture of her standing barefoot on a Mono Junk record.

What the Bpitch Control aesthetic does is recontextualize the glitch so that, instead of being “fucked up” in some intellectual chin-stroky way, it’s druggy; listening to this record I sometimes can’t tell if I have a headache or not or whether I have to pee. Because it doesn’t just go from electro to glitch, but the other way too, the swarms of incomprehensible sound-effects organizing themselves into platoons and busting out a bunch of Britney Spears moves before disintegrating into static again. It’s kind of like being caught in a rain of glass flowers with a unicorn (if you even remember how that feels)— it’s trippy and cute and beautiful but it’s hard and it hurts. —HD