Seven Days (h2so4 14)

Television show

A sure way of identifying the “modern” attitude lies in discerning the feeling of entitlement to a time machine. Tragedy means nothing when actors (and I don’t mean stage actors but those-who-commit-actions) think that they can make the past be other than it was.

Oedipus means nothing to us because we can’t understand why he would gouge his eyes out and walk voluntarily into exile for crimes he committed without intent. What man is guilty who had no bad motive for his actions?

But hubris is something other than intent, and, when we “have” it, it affects (or effects, or, possibly, infects) our every deed. Then, the ends are tainted by the poverty of their means. Incipit tragoedia. There is a price to pay, regardless of intent, regardless even of legal statute, when you think you are a god, or when you think you are subject to no limits.

Felix Culpa