h2so4 review philosophy: review anything: music, art, film, text, food, mood, love, lovers, ex-lovers, states of being, passing experiences, observations. Make sure that it is apparent that review-making is not some third-person neutral reporting of "what is," but is all about the writer's world, or how the writer would like the world to be.... What follows is a (very) brief selection of h2so4 review work.

Past loves, in no particular order (h2so4 18)

Ellen Allien, Weiss.mix (h2so4 18)

Vanilla Coke (h2so4 18)

tahiti 80 (h2so4 18)

A Concert in Cleveland (h2so4 18)

Grandma hits the club scene in search of her grandson’s band.

Janet Cardiff, Whispering Room (h2so4 18)

Art installation reviwed by Felix Culpa.

Trailer Bride, The High Seas and Drive By Truckers, Southern Rock Opera (h2so4 18)

Ultra Pearls, The Ultimate Cat Litter (h2so4 18)

Evany Thomas speaks her mind.

Maria Rosa Menocal, Ornament of the World (h2so4 18)

Reveiwed by Heidi Pollock.

Todd Haynes, Far from Heaven (h2so4 18)

DJ Z-Trip, Kid Koala, and Carl Craig (h2so4 18)

The Subliminal Historicity of Advertising, or Bears Behind Glass (h2so4 17)

Laura Schattschneider on advertising, past and present.

Christo and Jeanne-Claude (h2so4 17)

Art wankers or theorists of concealment? asks Felix Culpa

Observations (h2so4 17)

Made by Felix Culpa in the Modern Art Room of the National Gallery

The Great American Electronic Music Hall (h2so4 17)

A conversation between DJ Theo 69X and DJ Lo Tec on electronic music.

Memoirs of Everyday Life/Mumford (h2so4 17)

Anne Senhal on the film by Lawrense Kasdan and other things.

Liberty and Livelihood (h2so4 18)

A March for the English Countryside reviewed by Colin Babb

Faux Roe (h2so4 16)

Paul Adams tries Ersatz caviar.

American Analog (h2so4 16)

Suzanne Hatt saw them in Montreal.

Tabasco (h2so4 16)

Tabasco is the best spice, Heidi Pollock lists the reasons.

Conan O'Brien (h2so4 16)

Jill Stauffer wants to marry him!

Smell of Camphor, Fragrance of Jasmine (h2so4 16)

film by Bahman Farmanara, reviewed by Kevin Grandfield

Daylight Savings Time (h2so4 16)

A plea from Halliday Dresser

The Tindersticks (h2so4 16)

performed at the Bowery Ballroom, Anne Senhal was there.

The Backstreet Boys 2001 Black and Blue Tour (h2so4 16)

Jill Stauffer bore witness.

Rivers Cuomo (h2so4 16)

Can anyone be more beautiful? asks Natalie Stauffer

Everything works in Finland! (h2so4 16)

A conversation in Kings Cross railway station, London, remembered by Colin Babb

Presidential Election, 2000 (h2so4 15)

A psychic surgery, by Beard Buster

Godspeed You Black Emperor, Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas To Heaven (h2so4 15)

Reviewed by DJ Theo 69X

Fluevog Shoes (h2so4 15)

Jill's problem.

Lali Puna, Tridecoder (h2so4 15)

Reviewed by DJ Lo Tec

Dictionary (h2so4 15)

Guess what. Felix Culpa is really Jill Stauffer. But Bay Woods is not.

Maxim Motel (h2so4 14)

Maxim Magazine threw a party, and Jill and Evany partied.

Busy Signal (h2so4 14)

Why is there no busy signal anymore?

American Beauty (h2so4 14)

Felix Culpa on the film by Sam Mendes.

Seven Days (h2so4 14)

A sci-fi show on UPN, reviewed by Felix Culpa.

Air Traffic Control (h2so4 15)

United now lets you listen to the cockpit radio traffic.

Beck, Debra (h2so4 14)

Liz Dunn really likes this song.

Sex and the City (h2so4 14)

A view from South London, by Colin Babb.

Fugazi, Instrument (h2so4 13)

Reviewed by Jill Stauffer

La La La Human Steps, Salt (h2so4 13)

A dance performance, thoughts by Anne Senhal

The Lava Lamp (h2so4 12)

Reviewed by Lee Foust

Bop*It (h2so4 12)

Parsnip Bisque on the obnoxious, but addictive, toy.

Two Northern Paintings (h2so4 12)

Leah Middlebrook on Juan de Flandès' Retrato de una Infanta and Van der Weyden's Descent from the Cross

Academic Men (h2so4 12)

Jill Stauffer on the machismo of male academics.

848 Holes (h2so4 11)

Art by Vik Muniz, reviewed by Felix Culpa

Procrastination (h2so4 6)

Reviewed by Chick Maxx

The Thrones (h2so4 11)

Live in Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, reviewed by Corrina Peipon

New York City, USA (h2so4 5)

Harley Psalter on The Realm of the Absence of God

The Opposite of Sex (h2so4 11)

Avia Midons on a film by Don Roos

The Incredibly Fragile Machine (h2so4 11)

Art by Arthur Ganson, reviewed by Chick Maxx

Mecca Normal, Who Shot Elvis? (h2so4 10)

Who shot Elvis?, reviewed by Sac Bunt.

Blazing Saddles (h2so4 10)

Jill Stauffer on the classic film by Mel Brooks.

The Primary Colors (h2so4 3)

Two reviews of Alexander Theroux' book, by Chick Maxx and Pliny

[Friend's Band] live at [Shitty Bar] (h2so4 11)

DJ Theo 69X on the experience of hearing your friend's band play.

Wall Street Journal (h2so4 6)

The newspaper, reviewed by Chick Maxx

Egon Schiele (h2so4 10)

Amy H. König saw the retrospective at the Museum of Modern Art, New York

Patti Smith (h2so4 4)

Gridley Minima on I Never Talked To Bob Dylan

St. George and the Dragon (h2so4 10)

Salvador Dali's 1947 etching reviewed by Felix Culpa

Dining Alone in France (h2so4 10)

Laura Schnattschneider analyzes the experience.

Tricky (h2so4 4)

DJ Theo 69X on the single "Overcome" and Maxinquaye.

On Being Sick (h2so4 4)

Jill Stauffer's experiences with Tylenol with Codeine.

Mouse on Mars (h2so4 4)

Vulvaland, reviewed by DJ Theo 69X.

Blue (h2so4 2)

Gridley Minima on Derek Jarman's last film.

Fugazi, Repeater (h2so4 1)

Repeater, reviewed by Gridley Minima .

Bourbons and Truffles (h2so4 4)

Jill Stauffer and Heidi Pollock share a sampler of 4 small-batch bourbons and a box of truffles.

Dactyls of Phrygia (h2so4 1)

DJ Theo 69X saw them live at the Noh Theater.

Tales of Animal Husbandry (h2so4 3)

How Seymour Glass and Kamran Rastegar coped with Jill's cat Duster.

Waycross (h2so4 11)

Jill Stauffer on Waycross' first album.

Rasputina (h2so4 11)

Jill Stauffer reviews the album How We Quit the Forest.

Love and Death on Long Island and
The Object of My Affection
(h2so4 11)

Two films, reviewed by Jill Stauffer