Dear Philosopher

In each issue of h2so4, a thinker of our Western tradition tackles your workaday concerns. Over the past years, two very important questions have kept many of our philosophers busy: Why do women wear white pumps? and How can I tell when I'm on a date? But of course they have other, less pressing concerns to deal with as well.
Issue Philosopher
1 Kierkegaard
2 Schopenhauer
3 Heidegger
4 Wittgenstein
5 Kierkegaard
6 Aristotle
7 Hobbes
8 Socrates
9 Heidegger
10 Freud
11 Descartes
12 Nietzsche
13 Arendt
14 Merleau-Ponty
15 Lacan
16 Heidegger
17 Nietzsche
18 Rousseau