"Definition, which, as form, is beauty, luster and appearing, is also strangulation, that is, anguish."

On Averting the Apocalypse… and other benefits of friendship

You Say You Want a Resolution?

Do your New Year’s Resolutions always fail? It may be because you have misunderstood their purpose. Heidi Pollock drops some resolutionary science on us and demonstrates why “losing ten pounds,” “joining the gym” and “quitting smoking” do not count as New Year’s Resolutions.

Trading Places

Anne Senhal reflects on the ways of the gaze and on resistance to categories.


Honk if you're Hoardy

Liz Dunn explores the ramifications of her attachment to magazines.

"What is a Corpse?"

In this review of "The Body" episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the pilot episode of Six Feet Under, König investigates what our beliefs about and behaviors around "the body" have to say about our ways of dealing with death. Plus, two girls kiss!

Answers to Men's Questions

Don't Toggle Me!


American Storyteller

I Hear E-commerce Is Going to be Big

Possible Premature Baby, Born in the Pool and Now Stuck in the Pump

The Evany Thomas Column

Temporary Insanity

Lies They Teach You in Graduate School