h2so4 9



terms created for No.9 (see glossary)

things you must know
one is fruitful only at the cost of 
being rich in contradictions.
the god was a very wheel horse 
on the right trace.
la vision demeure, tremble le main qui la transcrit.
the goal is the gaol.
even the bravest of us rarely has the courage for what she really knows.
sometimes i wake up grumpy, 
sometimes i let her sleep.
loving in truth, and fain in verse 
my love to show

how can you have an opinion about a name like jill?
who are you? who who who who?
may I for my own self song's truth reckon?
and if I did what then?


Table of Contents 9


Dear Heidegger

Poetry by Miranda Mellis

Reviews of Unread Books & Concerts Not Attended

Poetry by Stephen Cox

...the way birds alight all at once by Felix Culpa

(as yet untitled) by Kamran Rastegar

Letters from Prison

The Land of Az by David Buuck

Poetry by Stephen Ellis

Poetry by Melissa Favara

The Alphabetical Abattoir by Bob Mannseichner

Abschiedsbrief by Auguste Contretemps

Temporary Insanity by Heidi Pollock

Paradoxa by Lee Foust

What are we looking for? by Liz Dunn

Professor Hoodoo's pages

In the Life of the Mind by Anne Senhal

Poetry by Melissa Favara

Art/Comic by Emily Larned

The Philosophy of Thuma Ermine, Examined

Faith/Nessie by Jill Stauffer


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