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things you must know
no one is ever always
if you can't take the heat get out of the fire, as for us it's a lovely burning, thank you
freedom is not the liberty of many choices, but the capacity to bind oneself with commitments
we are all girls

thanks to some annihilating dialectical magic the more I write, the more silence seems to eating away at me precipitous action, faint-hearted after the fact--the downfall of all hope this thing of darkness I acknowledge mine it is a freedom which did not pass under the spell of necessity and which may never come to pass at all

Table of Contents 8


Dear Socrates

Reviews of Unread Books

Poetry by Stephen Cox

Cover/Uncover by Felix Culpa

Property of Propositions by Anne Senhal

Hieroglyphologia by Lee Foust

Hamlet by Harley Psalter

Poetry by Nanos Valaoritis

Poetry by Peter Gallo

...wicked...by Yoktan Haddad

Voice by Corrina Peipon

A week in New York at two months distance by David Buuck

Temporary Insanity by Heidi Pollock

Ranger Rick by Charlie Bertsch

Art by Suzanne Hatt

"Universal Access" by J. Gibbs Chapman

To Hope for Noise or Silence  by Kamran Rastegar

Poetry by Blair Ewing

Mishap Flopaganda by Halliday Dresser

Poetry by Melissa Favara


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