h2so4 7


the siren of the philosophers


terms created for No.7 (see glossary)

things you must know
rationality can be misleading.
nothing like a line dance to liven things up.
let the snake be under his weed and the writing be of words.
you will die in obscurity, and it's ok.
the instinctual capability of taken captivation is a way of being open for even if it has the  character of not attending to.

who is that student pale and importunate?
is there a teleological suspension of the ethical?
why so pale and wan, fond lover?
if the world is a fable, can mine be a fabula rasa?

Table of Contents 7


Dear Hobbes

poetry by Stephen Ellis

reviews of books I haven't read by Gridley Minima

Art by Suzanne Hatt

Horizon by Felix Culpa

Measure by Anne Senhal

Hieroglyphologia by Lee Foust

Sappho by the Translator

'Art' by J. Gibbs Chapman

Ode to Friendship by Heidi Pollock

Film Writings: Faith and Patriotism by Jill Stauffer

Letters From Prison by N.

Despite Infinite Resignation by Kamran Rastegar

temporary insanity by Heidi Pollock

Interview with Nanos Valaoritis by Julie A. Window

review section

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