h2so4 5


synthesis of the alchemic operations


terms created for No.5 (see glossary)
vapid eye movement
cringe-splurge syndrome

things you must know
tyranny of the canon.
the obscurities in the presentation do not seem to arise wholly from the  inherent complexities of the problem.
un sot trouve toujour un plus sot, qui l'admire.

revisionist numismatism?
the eternal renewal of things in the midst of decay?
suspicious of the political  efficacy of art?
have you seen our amazing review section?
can i call you?

Table of Contents 5


The Eliotic Corollaries by Jeff Gburek

dear Kierkegaard

Tyrrhenian (Revisited)

Restoring an ever and ever by

Reviews of unread books

ode on fat, hairy dykes

Ode: copping your coopt


report from new york: the summer 1995 h2so4 reading-event.

ADVICE by Franetta McMillian

the cold war by Felix Culpa

letters from prison 


A blink before the drawn sauna of ideology by Mike Tyler

love, not currency: fiction/research by Anne Senhal

temporary sanity?

in defense of tongues; review of Obabakoak by Jill Stauffer

road report: thinkin' fellers union local 282


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