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things you must know

It is not so hard to change things. Change yourself.

It is hard to love anything all the time. Be patient.

Freedom is not light like grace. It is a weight and a responsibility.

Truths about power are not the same as truths about the self.

Your identity is fractured and that is a good thing.


Did you mean what it meant?

Your life is now. What are you waiting for?

Question everything, even what you hold most dear.


Table of Contents 19

Dear Philosopher: Thomas Hobbes

Letters to h2so4

Peace is a Permanent Fracture...Acquire it, Please. By Jill Stauffer.

Your Mother and I. By Dave Eggers

Lost in Translation's Zoo of Kitsch. By Ken Chen

Shufflings. By Richard Kostelanetz

Is the Truth Naked? Three Essays at an Epistemology of Nudity. By Live Nude Girl

The Weighting Game. By Evany Thomas

Short Novels. By Richard Kostelanetz

Wolfowitz and Euthyphro: Irony, Tragedy, Failure of Intelligence. By Bay Woods

Aphilosophy. By Dave Andrews

The American Cemetary. By Lee Foust

We Are All Savages. By Kevin Brown

Leibniz and Dating. By Jim Barcelona

The Love Song of Ari Fleischer. By Garth Hallberg

Interpretation of Dreams. By Amy H. König


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