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fabula rasa
church of christ, bicyclist

things you must know

There is no dialectical exorcism contained in the fact that the "I" conceives of a freedom.

What changes are not things but their limits.

One is fruitful only at the cost of being rich in contradictions.

The personal is not always political.


Suspicious of the political efficacy of art?

What have I to do with refutations?

What have I to do with utility?

We don't want the answer; we want the question.


Table of Contents 18


On Averting the Apocalypse... and Other Benefits of Friendship, by Jill Stauffer

Beyonce, The Pleasure Principle: Vicarious Identification in Austin Powers' Goldmember, by Matt George

Big-Headed Statues: Enron, Plato and the Modern Day Sophists, by Bay Woods

Eat Her: Love and Women in Almodóvar, Ovid and sor Juana Inés de la Cruz, by Leah Middlebrook

The Dobler Effect: Where's My Boy with the Boombox? by Evany Thomas

You Say You Want a Resolution?, by Heidi Pollock

The Airport of Consistency, by Bay Woods

Disarmed in the Marin Headlands, by Julie Lindow



Dear Philosopher: Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Letters to h2so4

Reviews of Books I Shouldn't Have Read, by Heidi Pollock

Interpretation of Dreams, by Amy H. König


Messages in Pictures

Victory for Bats! by Dave Eggers

Boy on a Stick and Slither, by Steven Cloud

Photographic Observations, by Keith Petersen

Windows by Steve Dye

On the Use of Available Light, by Jill Stauffer

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