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Don Juan Kenobi

things you must know

Paradox is not a contradiction, it is a revelation.

There is nothing to possess here.

Things that really matter, although they are not defined for all etrnity, even when they arrive late, always arrive at the right time.

If I have performed alchemy, then it was in the only way possible today, unwittingly.


This is my way. Where is yours?

Why do we say that time passes away when we do not say that it arises?


Table of Contents 17


    Break, by Jill Stauffer

    Vinyl Desires. by Vince Tinguely

    The Horrific Experience of Coming Face to Face with the Other, or: why The Thing With Tow Heads is a great horror film, by Lee Foust

    All Life's a Stage, or: Rock of Stages? Staging Gracefully?, by Evany Thomas

    Trading Places, or: Why Are You Looking At Me?, by Anne Senhal

    Documentary, by Bay Woods

    Honk If You're Hoardy, by Liz Dunn

    NBA Owner Clashes Online with Idiot; They Become Chummy, by Matt Margolin

    Glossary of h2so4's neologisms



Photographic Observations, by Keith Petersen

Pencil and/or Pen and/or Oil, by Suzanne Hatt

Books, Garments, by John Muse

Lost: 4 lbs (Evany Thomas/JS)


The Way of the Rhombus (The Rhombus/JS)

David Andrews: The Necessity of Trees, Horses, Noses; The Love for People as Things; The Grammar of Suicide

Richard Kostelanetz: Shufflings

George Gott: Umbra #1070

Sandra Simmons: Winter is on its way

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