h2so4 11



terms created for No.11 (see glossary)
analogy retentive
blood bathos
dictator tot

things you must know
If I have performed alchemy, then it was in the only way possible today, unwittingly.
Only people who dream think dreams are impossible.

This is my way: where is yours?
Quaestio Mihi Factus Sum.
We don't want the answer, we want the question.

inside this issue:
Writings on Politics and Philosophy
  (or how we live)...
Arcane or poetic things that 
partake of politics, philosophy, 
or how we live...
Light-hearted things that are 
about politics, philosophy, or 
how we are to live...
Reviews of Any and Every Thing.
Art. Love.


Table of Contents 11


Possible Premature Baby, Born in the Pool and Now Stuck in the Pump by Halliday Dresser

The Disappearing Donut and the Demise of Pleasure by Heidi Pollock

Paradoxa by Lee Foust

The Happier Place on Earth by Evany Thomas

Imagination Librita by Jeremy Bigalkeb

[A Swi]mmer's Manifesto
In Medias Res by Kiersten Johnson

Writings on Politics and Philosophy, or how we live

The Art of Friendship by Jill Stauffer

Of Cheating and Civil Silence by Matt George

Reviews of Books We Haven't Read by Randy Stauffer


Jeff Gburek 
Philip Hughes 
Miriam Hartstein 
Franetta McMillian 
Blair Ewing 

Messages in Pictures

Dave Eggers 
Emily Larned 


Dear Descartes
Letters to h2so4 
Review Essay by Camden Joy 
Review Essay by C. Mulrooney 

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