adiscursive. adj. proceeding to a conclusion via intuition rather than reason; moving straight to the heart of the matter.

aftshadow. v. to present an indication or suggestion after the fact.

albatrocity. n. an atrocious action, condition or object, hanging around one's neck.

analogy retentive. adj. the tendency to become unbearable when one's inference that if two things are alike in some ways they must be alike in others is challenged.

anonamourously. adv. in the manner of an illicit and unnamed sexual love.

arachnidiocy. n. extreme folly or stupidity brought on by the sight of a spider.

automicon. n. icons used in an automatic or mechanistic manner, without reflection.

bathoscopy. n. technique or mechanism for viewing—at close range—elevated style as it is made to descend to the commonplace or ridiculous.

blood bathos. n. serious violence made to seem commonplace or ridiculous.

bravadornment. n. decoration of an occasion with a swaggering show of courage or false bravery.

chatachresis. n. misapplication of a casual form of discourse.

clandestination. n. 1. a concealed final point of arrival or ultimate purpose; 2. the unknowable inevitable course of events. 

copacabanal. adj. descriptor of a completely ordinary song, such as one by Barry Manilow.

cringe-splurge syndrome. n. disease or disorder whereby a consumer first shrinks back only to spring forth all the more powerfully to buy useless commodities.

cyclopean. adj. simple- or single-mindedness; limited vision.

datian. adj. characteristic of a typical heterosexual social outing.

dictator tot. n. a man (or woman) suffering from "Napoleon syndrome."

dichotomystical. adj. of or pertaining to division of the quest for union with the divine into two usually contradictory parts.

divagant. adj. characteristic of digression or wandering speech.

dramaturgid. adj. of or pertaining to an overly ornate text for a theatre production.

elegatarian. n. one who practices a refined and tasteful favoring of political and social equality.

emoticonoclast. n. an attacker of established on-line ideas and usages, especially those revolving around "emoticons" such as :)

epiphaniacal. adj. of or pertaining to an excessive enthusiasm for revelatory manifestation, to the extent of fabrication.

fascismo. n. an exaggerated sense of masculinity exercising a dictatorship.

hegemonyms. words associated with predominance of one state, entity or idea over another.

homophonia. n. rhetorical trope whereby one's speech is affected to sound "gay."

hypotenoid. adj. having the characteristics or leanings of a hypotenuse; resembling a hypotenuse in appearance.

idiotomatic. adj. characterized by mentally deficient decision-making functioning independently of external influence or control.

intercursive. adj. tending to deal with matters of coitus via text.

jane-austensible. adj. strict manners; that which might outwardly be expressed in a Jane Austen novel.

legitigation. n. to engage in or subject someone to legal proceedings in order to justify oneself or one's cause as legitimate.

ludicrosity. n. absurdity or incongruity to the point of being laughable.

misandry. n. hatred of men.

mundanger. n. an ordinary, typical risk.

neurosisyphusean. adj. pertaining to anxiety, phobia or abnormal behavior exhibiting repeated futile but necessary attempts to "succeed."

nihologism. n. a word that has made nothing into something.

nostaljihad. n. forcing one's longing for things, persons or situations that are not present on others.

omnimpotent. n. having unlimited lack of power or physical strength.

omnipressive. adj. difficult to bear everywhere.

pedagogerasty. n. sexual arousal or attainment by means of pedagogical relation.

peter-panoptic. adj. making everything visible appear younger than it is, or you are. 

presunctuous. adj. excessively forward or confident with affected or insincere earnestness.

simulachresis. n. a trope in which the word "like" is employed as a spacing mechanism or affect. 

solipsisterhood. n. the theory that a woman's reality is the only reality. 

sologism. n. proposition consisting of reasoning understood by one person only, usually its author.

subvertiginous. adj. vertigo or dizziness brought on by exertions toward over-throwing or undermining tradition.

synechdote. n. a short account of a humorous or interesting incident with global significance to one's life.

testoasteroven. n. naturally occurring chemical producing tertiary male characteristics such as insistence that one can fix all appliances.

thaumogyny. n. wonder at or inability to comprehend women, found most often amongst male homo sapiens.

totheextentthat. adv. akin to inasmuch as, or starskyandhutch as.

vapid eye movement. n. non-verbal communication devoid of interest or sincerity.