The Evany Thomas Column

The Dobler Effect: Where’s my Boy with the Boombox?

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All Life's A Stage

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No Daddy Starbucks, No!

    Resistance is futile; the Starbucks stops nowhere (h2so4 15).

Putting Down Tracks, or,

    Music, ants, and the death of all we love (h2so4 14).

Read My Tits, or

    On the proper use of symbols for the look-who's-talking two (h2so4 13).

The Price of Free Choice, or

    What the kinder, gentler SF-SPCA has to do with the lure of eugenics (h2so4 12).

The Happier Place on Earth, or

    How the Car Wash has supplanted Disneyland as the best fun house mirror of American Life (h2so4 11).