Leah Middlebrook

Who are you?

I am Leah Middlebrook

What is your tie to h2so4?

A crush on Felix

What is funny?

When people start singing the song from the movie that was found to not include the tree with the incredibly long tongue.

What is not funny?

Mon français, bien sur!

What book should I read?

I'm on a crusade to get everyone to read The Mandarins at least once in their lifetime.

Why do you (on occasion) work for no money?

Is that even remotely related to that question about, "is there any reason you would like to offer for the fact that you have not published?"

What is your favorite movie? Or would you prefer to call it a "film"?

Movie, thanks. The Heroic Trio (followed closely by Chinese Feast).

What is your favorite quote from Evany Thomas:

Whichever darlin' thing she just said (awww!)

What is your favorite quote from elsewhere:

"I caught this morning morning's minion, kingdom of daylight's dauphin, dapple-dawn-drawn falcon, in his riding of the rolling level!"

What piece of writing has most influenced your life?

Chanel No. 5 ad copy.

What person has most changed your life ("famous" or non-)?

Patti Hansen had a big impact at a tender age, but George Bush has been the rat that gnaws my soul from slightly thereafter. That or those folks at my high school...

So tell me, what would a person be surprised to find out about you?

I am horrifically prudish.

What band would you have play at your next party (yes, historically open)?

Leslie Cheung.

Does not the war perpetuate that which it is called to make disappear, and consecrate war and its virile virtues in good conscience?

Well, uniforms have never really done it for me, but if you say so.

To what are you addicted? What is addiction?

Hostess donut gems (the white ones).

Do you, too, love Abraham Lincoln? Why? Why not?

I like the Lincoln memorial --?

How does the cameraman compare with the painter?

The editor makes a better comparison.

Authentic being-one's-self takes the definite form of an existentiell modification of the "they"; and this modification must be defined existentially. What does this modification imply, and what are the ontological conditions for its possibility?

Yes, yes yes! Now you're onto something! A step backwards, in the face of the other. And see why I have a crush on Felix?

Is everything popular a debasement of what it would otherwise be? are we really looking for a salvation or meaning that only a few can access, with difficulty?


Anything you would like to add?

No. Thank you.

Leah Middlebrook, right
Leah Middlebrook, right