Laura Schattschneider

Who are you?

Laura Schattschneider

What is your tie to h2so4?

I am an occasional contributor and eternal fan.

What is funny?

Commodity culture

What is not funny?

Cultural commodities

What book should I read?

The Life of Insects, by Victor Pelevin.

Why do you (on occasion) work for no money?

Because it doesn't feel like work

What is your favorite movie? Or would you prefer to call it a "film"?

Currently? My Sweet Little Village (Jiri Menzel? I think?) or Alice in den Städten (Alice in the Cities) (Wenders)

Your favorite quote from Evany Thomas:

most-cited: "that sucks donkey" most-admired: "trickle-down libation migration"

Your favorite quote from elsewhere:

"Once you have seen the hazard and decided what to do, act on your decision. never 'wait and see.' never think that everything will be all right." --California Department of Motor Vehicles, back of a registration envelope.

What piece of writing has most influenced your life?

Plato, Meno.

What person has most changed your life ("famous" or non-)?

Leonard Perrett.

So tell me, what would a person be surprised to find out about you?

I've been eating red meat lately. Sausage, even.

What band would you have play at your next party (yes, historically open)?

Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers, or, trendy as it may be, the Magnetic Fields

Does not the war perpetuate that which it is called to make disappear, and consecrate war and its virile virtues in good conscience?


To what are you addicted? What is addiction?

Addiction is the commemoration of an unfulfillable desire. I am addicted to formulaic british comedy, a la "are you being served?" and "keeping up appearances." These remind me of the futility of desiring to live in a fictional world.

Do you, too, love Abraham Lincoln? why? why not?

Yes. He *is* "Honest Abe," after all. And his sentences, my god!

How does the cameraman compare with the painter?

They get besmeared with different substances in the course of their work.

Authentic being-one's-self takes the definite form of an existentiell modification of the "they"; and this modification must be defined existentially. What does this modification imply, and what are the ontological conditions for its possibility?

Is that first bit a sentence? Does this mean we are all symptoms (a la Zizek?)

Is everything popular a debasement of what it would otherwise be? are we really looking for a salvation or meaning that only a few can access, with difficulty?


Anything you would like to add?

Nothing I can't say through other channels.

Laura Schattschneider, in red
Laura Schattschneider, in red