Heidi Pollock

Who are you?

Heidi. C.f. The FAQ.

What is your tie to h2so4?


What is funny?

Cocktail wieners.

What is not funny?

Hedge mazes.

What book should I read?

Robert Musil's The Man Without Qualities. Go on. I dare you.

What is your favorite movie? Or would you prefer to call it a "film"?

The Brave Little Toaster. And no, I would never deign to call it a film.

What is your favorite quote from Evany Thomas:

"Did you lose your nose?"

What is your favorite quote from elsewhere:

"The role of the garnish is to be 'the other,' to be something coarser, more palpable that by contrast reveals the Martini in its ethereal purity." --Lowell Edmunds

What piece of writing has most influenced your life?

Colossal Cave/Adventure/Zork

So tell me, what would a person be surprised to find out about you?

Shopping for shoes and underwear can make me cry.

What band would you have play at your next party (yes, historically open)?

You know I am completely ill-equipped to answer that question.

To what are you addicted?

Presently I am addicted to whole wheat fig newtons.

What is addiction?

Addiction is annoying.

Do you, too, love Abraham Lincoln? why? why not?

By the power of the transitive property I love Abraham Lincoln because Jill loves Abraham Lincoln.

Authentic being-one's-self takes the definite form of an existentiell modification of the "they"; and this modification must be defined existentially. What does this modification imply, and what are the ontological conditions for its possibility?

Not this again.

Is everything popular a debasement of what it would otherwise be? Are we really looking for a salvation or meaning that only a few can access, with difficulty?

The popular is a construct created by people merely looking for an elaborate excuse to justify their own ignorance. It is an idea created by those self same people who walk into libraries and panic at their inability to read all books. The popular is an artificial boundary raised by those attempting to justify their own pursuits at the expense of others. It is an unnecssary justification called upon by people uncomfortable with their own desire.

Anything you would like to add?

Yes. There is much I would like to add.

Heidi Pollock
Heidi, with charming smile, funny hat, and hunting tartan