Adam Stauffer

Who are you?


What is your tie to h2so4?

h2so4 chat room lurker, official bed and breakfast for h2so4 east coast trips, "executive cousin to Jill."

What is funny?

Redd Foxx's "The New Fugg" sketch.

What is not funny?

Redd Foxx's "Mother Frockers and Cork Soakers" sketch.

What book should I read?

The Art of Raising a Puppy, by the New Skete Monks.

Why do you (on occasion) work for no money?

Is it humanity, or is it vanity? Vainglory.

What is your favorite movie? Or would you prefer to call it a "film"?

It's a wonderful matrix

Your favorite quote from Evany Thomas:

"I've stockpiled enough jerky and lingonberry concentrate to last me through at least 5000 hours of hold music."

Your favorite quote from elsewhere:

From B.G.'s seminal song of late 90's rap star conspicuous consumption "bling bling":

"Diamonds worn by everybody thats in my click
Man I got the price of a mansion 'round my neck and wrist
Folks say take that chain off boy ya blindin me."

So tell me, what would a person be surprised to find out about you?

Ooh, you would be way too surprised so I can't tell you.

What band would you have play at your next party (yes, historically open)?

Jane's Addiction

Does not the war perpetuate that which it is called to make disappear, and consecrate war and its virile virtues in good conscience?

Which item in the left column perpetuates the right column?

war our belief in opium
reefer madness Lincoln's hopes and aspirations for the country
bourbonism social evils
the attention of the masses war
Queen's York rangers lies
bitter infighting a universe of unrest
peter westmore the myth that the Balibo Five died in a civil war clash
the legend of weeping water misogynist training
South Park the 20th Canadian Battalion

To what are you addicted? what is addiction?

Love, laziness. Or maybe I meant laziness, love?

Do you, too, love Abraham Lincoln? Why? Why not?

I think it has something to do with that hat and beard.

Adam Stauffer, with cousin

Adam Stauffer, with cousin