Innocent and Heartless, or: I Want to Make Out With Peter Pan

Hero and House of Flying Daggers

How Zhang Yimou stopped being a protest director and began his second career in propaganda.

Eat Her. Love and Women in Almodóvar, Ovid, and sor Juana Inés de la Cruz

On love, rape, and the lives of women in the western world. Or, on representation, and the leap involved in kissing something that may or may not be there...

Memory, Loss, and Memory Loss

What part of each of us is memory-bound? What remains after memory is gone? What does exposure to loss of memory in a loved one do to those who still remember? JS attempts to reconcile love, Alzheimer's Disease, a disaffected youth, and Being and Time in her own life.

The Horrific Experience of Countercultural Initiation, or: Sex Might be Monstrous, but Monsters are not always Sexual

Horror is a feeling, not a philosophy; and monster tales are more than narratives of adolescent male sexuality, nuclear paranoia, or distrust of science— these narratives express what we feel in the face of the monstrous "Other.",

"Doing Justice Only Where We Praise"

A guide for proofreaders, princesses with peas, and perfection-seekers.


Bay Woods wonders what, if any, difference there is between being lonesome and being lonely.

Where Do Statues Go When They Die?

Amy H. König on art, colonialism and complicity, or: thoughts after seeing Les Statues meurent aussi (Statues Also Die), a film by Alain Resnais and Chris Marker (h2so4 14).

Felix Culpa and Anne Senhal

The correspondence of Felix Culpa and Anne Senhal began when Harley Psalter, Felix's first love, failed to keep up their correspondence for over a year (much of which correspondence was published in early volumes of h2so4). Anne Senhal is best known for her fictional experiments (not experimental fictions) into the world of love in the age of technological distance (Letters to Potential (h2so4 2) and Love, Not Currency (h2so4 5)).


Paradoxa are short writings on love/life/politics by Lee Foust. They begin in h2so4 9 and will continue through h2so4 12 or 13 or.... They are cousin to Lee's Hieroglyphologia project that appeared in h2so4 4-8.