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Amy H. Konig

Zombie!: A Monster for the Masses, or: The Revolution Will Not Be Televised, Brother, Because the Revolution Will Be... Dead(?). Lee Foust delivers to us he own ultimate Zombie masterpiece!

"Definition, which, as form, is beauty, luster and appearing, is also strangulation, that is, anguish."
By Jill Stauffer

Marriage Legal and Illegal

It's time to compare anti-miscegenation laws to societal resistance to gay marriage.
By Amy H. König.

The Evany Thomas Column

The Dobler Effect: Evany wants to know where her boy with the boombox is. Or maybe she doesn't.

New Top Ten Lists


Terms created for h2so4.

Answers to Men's Questions by Anonymous Female Person.

Innocent and Heartless by Adrienne Calo

Dear Philosopher:

Major thinkers answer your burning questions. This installment: Jean-Jacques Rousseau

On Averting the Apocalypse… and other benefits of friendship. By Jill Stauffer.

Reviews of just about anything, from CDs to sodas to states of mind.

h2so4 is a magazine.  This is its website.  h2so4 is an experiment in textual alchemy underway since 1993, and dedicated to provoking thought on politics & philosophy, art & love, without thereby giving up the potential to delight, amuse and entertain. In h2so4 you will find the serious & the silly, arcane & mundane, separately or on the same page, each never making excuses for the other.  In the articles and lists on this site you will find a sampling of what appears in our print version. Let us know what you think. -- JS